Booker T On The Corey Graves Situation, His First WWE Match & If Ronda Rousey Will Succeed In WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week where he discussed the controversial situation with Corey Graves in detail.

As well as that, Booker T talked about his own wrestling career, including his infamous debut WWE match and whether or not he believes Ronda Rousey will be a success in WWE. Below are some highlights from the interview itself:

The Corey Graves Situation

“Before I did it I said all of the dirt sheets are going to pick this up, like Meltzer and the rest of them so let’s just get it out there. Brad and I had the last segment where we had nothing to talk about so we had to fill in time so our sponsors wouldn’t get mad, we filled the time slot and Graves was the brunt of it. People have been asking for the longest time after a few looks I have given him, but this proves that pro wrestling is still alive if the angles are played properly. These journalists that went to college picked it up, it’s crazy.”

His First WWE Match

“I never panicked, that wasn’t a match I drew up, especially Bagwell, I worked with him 50 times easy on the road, we could work in our sleep but at that time he had neck surgery and wasn’t the same person that he was. I knew he wasn’t prepared to go out and perform in a main event situation and I elaborated that to one of the agents, Johnny Ace, I said I don’t think this will be too good and he looks at me and goes it’s out of my hands. When he said that I understood what he meant, you have to go and pull this off, get it done however you can.

“It didn’t come off properly, he wasn’t prepared and it was the first time I had got the chant ‘You Suck’ the first time in my career. My thing was that I had performed at a high level and said I could work with a broomstick and I prided myself on it but that situation whatever I did that wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t a good night, I said I will have to put it behind me and more important they knew I was a performer. The following week DDP and me took it to another level. Me and Dallas beat each other up, we can do this there is talent coming out of the ruins of WCW.”

If Ronda Rousey Will Succeed In WWE

“Right now, I can honestly say I don’t know, I have a kid down in NXT right now who is a guy who was sitting in the audience watching the shows like a big kid and that was his huge advantage, you will make it because you love the business and people like him. Ronda has always had an attitude where with a lot of people she rubbed them the wrong way, can she change the landscape, that’s a tall order as we have some awesome women as far as performers go and there aren’t any in the world as good as Charlotte. She needs to bring her game and study her game and then bring it. Can she do it, I think she can, I am pulling for her.”

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