More Details On Rusev Hotel Theft, Identity of Suspect Revealed and Accusations Listed

As noted, WWE stars Lana and Rusev accused Sheraton Hotels of theft while the couple was staying at the hotel while in Memphis for a recent WWE TV tapings.

According to FOX 13, amongst the items listed as stole was Rusev’s Sony Digital Camera and his wallet which contained $500.

Police are reporting the suspect in the case is Portia Williams, a cleaning person at the hotel. Williams reportedly entered the hotel room to clean it with the “do not disturb” sign hung on the door. Williams said she found the victim’s wallet in the trash inside a chicken box, and the head of hotel Security, Kennen Brooks, spoke with Rusev and Lana, but reportedly only advised.

The WWE star said security blamed him for keeping the items in the room, and security retrieved the wallet and gave it back to RusevBul, but the $500 was still missing.

Source :

FOX 13

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