Seth Rollins Reveals Recent Text Exchange With Jon Moxley

During a recent Q&A panel with Gorilla Position, Seth Rollins revealed a recent text exchange he had with AEW’s Jon Moxley.

Despite Moxley stating that he doesn’t keep up with his former Shield brothers too much in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Rollins has put fans of the trio’s hearts to rest.

During the panel, he was asked about the interview and he revealed they have exchanged texts recently for Moxley’s birthday.

“I texted him on his birthday, which was a few days ago, and wished him well,” Rollins said. “I hope that he’s good, and he seems to be doing great at AEW and New Japan. I wish nothing but the best for him and his lovely wife, and their great dog.”

Rollins said that Moxley responded, stating:

“[Moxley] said, ‘Thanks brother!’,” Rollins said, adding that Moxley is blunt.

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Gorilla Position

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