LOOK: The Briscoes Rant on the NWA, Take Shots at nZo and cazXL

The Briscoe Brothers continue to be one of the most controversial, most outspoken acts in the professional wrestling business. Jay and Mark never hold back and they never know when to stop. It’s a reputation that precedes them and fans love them for it.

Their latest promo is proof positive that they’re still on top of their game, as they target one of the most historic wrestling promotions in the history of the industry, the NWA.

The Brisoces’ issues with the NWA stem from the Crockett Cup event that took place on April 27 in Concord, North Carolina. Jay and Mark competed in the Crockett Cup Tournament, where they defeated the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, but lost in the semifinals to Villain Enterprises, who went on to win it all.

The brothers were disqualified for using a steel chair, though Villain Enterprises did the same thing first, but managed to do it when the referee wasn’t looking. The Briscoes continue to be upset over the decision and they made their feelings against the NWA abundantly clear.

“Why would y’all even book us for that s**t, if y’all going to make us play by the rules like that? Y’all know how we get down!”

But then Jay took the conversation to nZo and caZxl, the duo known as The Free AgentZ. The former WWE Superstars infamously jumped the guardrail in Madison Square Garden during the G1 Supercard on April 6, where they brawled with The Brisoces.

Many fans believed that it was just a one-shot for nZo and caZxl that night, but The Briscoes keep mentioning them on social media. Does this mean The Free Agentz are indeed coming to Ring of Honor?

“There’s gonna come a day when we’re gonna see y’all. I don’t know where the h**l it’s gonna be. I don’t know if it’s gonna be in the ring or in the street and I don’t give a s**t…man, we don’t give a s**t, y’all don’t know who y’all messing with now, man!”

There’s no word yet on where this is leading, but it does seem like there’s more to come from The Free AgentZ. nZo has been in a war of words with New Japan’s Tama Tonga from The Guerrillas of Destiny, the IWGP and ROH World Tag Team Champions. Jay and Mark have took shots at the G.O.D as well, which means that all three teams could potentially be on a collision course at some point in the near future.


A message to an old friend.. an old promotion.. and 2 clowns trying to stay relevant pic.twitter.com/5bLdj7G0NZ

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