Christian And Edge Choose Each Other’s Greatest Matches

During the recent E&C Pod Of Awesomeness Edge and Christian chose each other’s greatest matches from their in-ring careers. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

Edge picks Christian’s best matches:

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“I always said [Christian] was able to make, and this is not a knock on Yoshi Tatsu, but [Christian] was able to make Yoshi Tatsu look like Ricky Steamboat. But there are some [matches]that kind of fly under the radar that I really enjoyed. [Christian] had a series with Regal, I believe it was on ECW, and I really enjoyed that because of the contrast in styles. And it was really one of those instances where [Christian] worked well with a guy like Randy [Orton] who has a methodical that thing he does. Well, Regal is very much the same way, but involves a lot of chain wrestling and things like that. And then, [Christian] had the ability to pick it up in between and knew when to do it. And I really enjoyed your matches with him.” Edge continued, “I’m saying those because they are under-the-radar, but, I mean, there [are]the obvious ones with [Christian] and Randy and SummerSlam Street Fight, but those ones I always just remember watching because some people couldn’t adapt to Regal’s style and I always enjoyed, really enjoyed, working Regal and trying to adapt to it, but [Christian] really did a great job with that.”

Christian picks Edge’s best matches:

“My favorite match of [Edge’s] was [his]match, the main event of WrestleMania [24] with The Undertaker,” Christian said. “I mean, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. We dreamt of that as kids growing up. Like, main eventing, being world champion, walking down that aisle at WrestleMania as the last match, as the main event, as the headliner. And [Edge] got to do it against one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most revered Superstar in the history of the company. And I remember too, [Edge] worked that match really smart as well. And I think my favorite part of it, and I think I texted [Edge] after because I wasn’t there at the time, was that [Edge] waited for the Hell’s Gate and you didn’t tease it or attempt it. [They] just did it once and I completely forgot that it was in [Undertaker’s] arsenal till he hit it and it was the biggest surprise of the match for me and I thought it was perfectly placed. And I think overall that was my favourite match of [Edge’s] and it was a tough position. [The crowd] had seen so much that night and you had them.”

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