Matt Hardy Believes He Has More To Offer Wrestling, Talks NXT/AEW War, More

WWE veteran, Matt Hardy, hosted a Q&A on Twitter this week where he claimed that he has a lot more to offer the wrestling industry before he retires.

Hardy has been mainly kept on the sidelines since Jeff Hardy was injured, with Matt mainly being used in 24/7 Championship segments, however, he does believe he has more to offer the business.

I don’t have to have/need a WWE World Title reign to feel complete. I just want real opportunities to contribute & entertain for the remainder of time I have left. I honestly feel I have a lot left to give & offer a promotion on the global stage as an in ring talent.

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— The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 29, 2019

Hardy was also asked whether or not there will be more House Hardy episodes on the WWE Network, with Matt admitting that he hopes a new one will be filmed soon, although he would like to do five or six a year.

Hopefully soon. In a perfect world, I’d like to produce 4-6 #HouseHardy episodes a year on the WWE network.

— The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 29, 2019

Hardy was also asked about his thoughts on the upcoming NXT/AEW Wednesday night wars, with Matt claiming it is good for the industry, the performers, and the fans.

I think it’s good for the industry, the performers & the fans. Competition forces everyone to be more creative & work harder.

— The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 29, 2019

Matt Hardy also revealed that there was a deal on the table from New Japan Pro Wrestling for him before he re-signed with WWE back in 2017.

Every option was on the table before we re-signed with WWE in 2017.

— The VESSEL of Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 29, 2019

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