Tony Khan Reveals Jon Moxley’s Healthcare Is Covered Through Renee Young

Jon Moxley may have left WWE, but it appears he is still connected to the company in some ways, as he gets his healthcare through his wife.

In a recent interview, Tony Khan revealed that Moxley actually gets his healthcare through Renee Young being employed full time, which is obviously with WWE.

“A lot of people in [AEW], that are wrestlers, are insured,”¬†said Khan.¬†“Of the people you saw tonight, a large percentage of them are insured through AEW because they work full-time. Most people haven’t been on all five shows. Of the people that have been on all five shows, almost all of them are full-time and have full-time benefits. Jon Moxley does get healthcare, but he gets it through his wife (Renee Young), who is a full-time employee also. Kenny (Omega) does get healthcare from here. He is a full-time employee of the company.”

H/T for the transcription.

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