WATCH: ‘The Man’ Finds Her Confidence Again After Poisonous Attack From Asuka

Less than two weeks removed from their highly anticipated rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship, Asuka and Becky Lynch met in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw to officially sign the contract for their title match at the Royal Rumble.

In recent weeks, the “Irish Lasskicker” has showed a rare streak of vulnerability, almost uncertainty, as she prepares to step into battle with perhaps the only woman in WWE to consistently have her number. Fans may recall, it was Asuka who shockingly dethroned Lynch at the height of her popularity in the post-Survivor Series period that first birthed her moniker, “The Man”.

While the two did sign on the dotted line, the “Empress of Tomorrow” yet again got the best of her upcoming opponent, spraying dreaded poison mist in the champion’s face. Her victim appeared devastated in the aftermath, but it appears Asuka’s actions may have backfired, giving the previously shaken Lynch all the anger and aggression she needed to dig down and find her confidence.

Check out The Man’s passionate post-attack promo below:

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