Scott Hall & Sting's Futures In TNA Looking Good

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch

Scott Hall made his return to TNA television last wek on iMPACT! His appearance helped the show draw its largest audience since expanding to 2 hours. Hall will be featured on TNA television over the next several weeks and will be involved in the main event of TNA’s next Pay-Per-View, Turning Point.

TNA is looking to sign Scott Hall to a contract. Hall would still work in Puerto Rico as he’s done for the past several months, but TNA wants him as a regular member of their roter. Management is very pleased with how he’s carried himself recently. It’s been discussed that once Hall’s in ring career ends, TNA wants to use him as an agent backstage. He has a brilliant mind for the wrestling business and knows how to draw money. He function would be helping with talent development and critiques of matches and promos.

Another big star whose future has been discussed recently is Sting. Sting’s TNA contract expires in the next several weeks and at this point no new deal has been signed. Some saw Sting doing the job at Genesis as a sign that he is on his way out, but this is not the case. Sting probably will stay in TNA through 2008, but that may be his final year in wrestling. Like Scott Hall, Sting has been very easy to deal with behind the scenes and is not afraid to put anybody over. Sting wants to give back and has actually suggested to agents that he use his star power to put over some of the younger talent.

It’s Not Wrestling, But It Looks Interesting!

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