Results From Ring Of Honor's Sixth Anniversary Show From New York City

Thanks to reader Michael R for sending in the following report:

(1) Zach Gowen d. Pelle Primeau

Main show:

– Attendance was around 1,500.

(1) Delirious vs. The Human Tornado went to a no contest after The Age of The Fall got involved in the match, which led to a tag team match.

(2) Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher d. Delirious and The Human Tornado.

– Nigel McGuinness cut a promo. Nigel was a total heel during this and said he refused to put his title on the line tonight because the fans in Manhattan did not deserve to see a title match. Bryan Danielson came out and talked Nigel into changing his mind and putting the title belt on the line.

(3) Brent Albright d. El Generico

– Larry Sweeney’s talk show takes place with his guest Allison Danger. Sweeney calls Danger a slut and lays her out. Bobby Dempsey comes out. Sweeney tells him to get on top of her. He refuses to Larry lays him out and he falls on top of Danger.

(4) Kevin Steen d. Joey Matthews

(5)Austin Aries d. Go Shiozaki

At Intermission, it was announced that ROH returns to Manhattan on May 10th, but it will be at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

(6)SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Ray d. Daizee Haze to retain her title.

(7) ROH World Tag Team Champions Rocky Romero and Davey Richards d. Jigsaw and Ruckus to retain their titles.

(8) FIP World Champion Roderick Strong d. Erick Stevens and Necro Butcher to retain his title.

(9) ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness d. Bryan Danielson to retain his title. Nigel was DQ’d about 10 minutes in after hitting the official. Austin Aries comes out and demands that Nigel be a man and continue the match but Nigel says no. ROH owner Cary Silken comes out and orders the match to be restarted. Nigel goes on to win via submission with the “London Dungeon”.

Thanks to reader DJ Smith for sending in the following report:

Pre show match featuring Pelle Primeau vs. Zach Gowan in a show nice pre
show, Pelle has a new look where he looks like Paul London

The big announcement is that ROH will be returning to NYC on May 10th in the

First match is Delirious vs. Human Tornado. Tornado does the whole dance gimmick and it really over so is Delirious. Match gets on its way Age of The
Fall come in and match gets a no contest then turns into a tag match

Age of the Fall consisting of Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs over the team of Tornado and Delirious. At the end of the match Delirious was talking to tornado, possible setup for a tag team?

Nigel comes out and cuts a promo on how he should wrestling tonight for the safety of his body. Then Bryan Danielson comes out and has a pro ROH promo where he tells him that dropping the belt shits on everything the belt stands for and all the hard work the guys in the back have put into it. Nigel agrees to do the match as long as Bryan Danielson does not attempt to give Nigel a concussion. Match is agreed too, Chants of “you’re a bitch” and “pussy” fill the ballroom.

Next up was Brent Albright over El Generico with knees to the head, ref stopped the match

Larry Sweeney’s talk show, the most controversial segment of the night, where his guest is none other than Alison Nager. He calls her a slut, hits her in the head with a microphone, then tells Bobby Dempsey it’s time for him to become a man, and this is his chance. Knocks over Bobby Dempsey onto Alison and then Sweeny puts his foot on Dempsey rear and pushes it thrusting him into Alison. The crowd ate it up with chants of “man up” and supporting the de flowering of Bobby Dempsey.

Kevin Steen over Joey Mathews in the worst match of the night. Joey Mathews still thinks he is in the WWE and wrestles just like it. Everyone around me was hating on it.

Austin Aries over Go Shiozaki: Very good match. A lot of energy by both guys, the crowd was a little dead from the previous match. Really stiff and loud chops. Post match the lights go out and up in the balcony is the AOTF trying to recruit Aries. Then Tammy Sycht (looking better than ever I might add) comes out and tries to recruit Aeries for herself.

Sarah Del Ray over Daizee Haze to retain the Shimmer championship. Average women’s match

No Remorse Corps of Davey Richards and Rocky Romero over The Vulture Squad of Ruckus and Jigsaw: Match was good. A lot of high spots and some hard hits. Jigsaw had his mask torn by Richards early in the match. He did not however take it off at the end and went into the back with Smokes following him yelling.

NRC is left in the ring and then the lights go onto the GA stage where Steen and Generico are standing in the same spot they challenged the Briscoes on Respect is Earned challenging NRC to a fight. Charge the ring NRC hits it to the back

Roderick Strong over Necro Butcher and Erick Stevens to retain the FIP title in a show stealing NO DQ match. Necro is way over with the crowd. Stevens gets DVD’d onto a chair by Necro, then Strong gibson drivers necro through a table pulls him back in to hit another gibson drive to get the pin. Match was hot and the crowd going.

Main event time… Nigel over Danielson after using Dragons MMA elbows to the head. The match started it goes for a little bit then Nigel knocks out referee Paul Turner gets DQed and gets on the mic saying “you can have your title back” he proceeds to walk to the back but is stopped by Austin Aeries, Delirious and Strong and Aeries tells him that they wont let him disrespect the company like this and if he leaves he has to go through them first. he walks back to the ring Todd Sinclair is the new ref and it is announced that Cary Silken, President of ROH, has issued a restart of the match. This has completely turned Nigel heel. The whole crowd is chanting “USA” ,”you’re gonna get your fucking head kicked in” and totally behind Dragon. Dragon sticks to his deal of not hitting Nigel in the head and focuses on submissions and elbowing his ribs. Nigel then starts to head butt Dragon, eventually gets him into the elbows puts him in a submission hold Dragon is knocked out Sinclair stops the match. Nigel leaves and Dragon lays in the ring a good 5 minutes until carried away,

Biggest Pops:
Necro Butcher

Nigel by far.
Joey Mathews

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