Updates On New ECW Stars, WWE's Latest Stance On Marijuana, Tony Atlas Update

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, www.pwtorch.com

— As noted earlier, last night’s episode of ECW saw the debuts of four wrestlers in Yoshi Tatsu (Naofumi Yamamoto), Abraham Washington (Brian Jossie), Sheamus (Stephen Farrelly) and Tyler Reks (Gabriel Tuft). However, both wrestlers and fans alike shouldn’t get too comfortable quite yet as the four newcomers were considered in the eyes of creative not as full-fledged ECW wrestlers, but rather, wrestlers being looked at for possible spots on ECW. At this point, none are considered to be official members of the ECW roster.

Keep your eyes peeled on ECW over the next few weeks as more developmental wrestlers will be tested out for possible spots on the roster. Given the limited amount of roster spots in ECW and extraordinary number of wrestlers in developmental, unfortunately, not everyone will make it. Given WWE’s lack of patience for young stars, it’s definitely a “sink or swim” situation.

— Tony Atlas, 55, said he was sore for a week as a result of his recent three minute match with Evan Bourne on ECW.

— WWE officials have reportedly lightened up on marijuana test violations in recent months. Just as there always has been a $1,000 fine for positive tests, punishments no longer appear to be political.

Several months ago, company officials cracked down on several repeat offenders by scaling back their respective pushes. The issue was serious enough that even some top wrestlers stopped smoking marijuana out of fear of how management would react. However, some of the wrestlers who stopped using pot at the time have resumed, and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of their pushes being affected.

It should be noted that positive marijuana tests are not considered to be violations of the company’s Wellness Policy.

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