Freddy Kruger To Host Raw? AJ Styles Injury Update, Eric Bischoff's Sensitivity

— Jeremy Borash updates AJ Styles’ health status (via Twitter): “Just got off the phone with AJ. He’s feeling much better today after a staph infection scare. He shouldn’t be missing any ring time.” Styles told JB that, “Aside from the hole in my leg, I’m feeling much better.” AJ is up and walking around and is meeting with his doctor today to follow up.

— Also on Twitter, Eric Bischoff is making noise about the effect the United States’ obesity problem has on our national debt and offers a solution. Bischoff writes, “Treating obesity cost tax payers $147 BILLION annually. Tax fat people!!!! He added, “Really, the government should establish ideal height/weight range and exceeding it costs fat people an incremental tax on a per pound basis.”

— WWE has announced that next year’s No Way Out Pay-Per-View will take place on Feb. 21, 2010. Still no word on where it will held. With WrestleMania 26 takes place 5 weeks later on March 28th.

— Nightmare on Elm Street actor Robert Englund (“Freddy Kruger”) was at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and told people that WWE has contacted him to guest host an upcoming edition of Raw.

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