Jim Ross Blog: The Rock's WWE Return, Rumors JR Will Be At RAW On 3/1

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update from JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

Appearing At Raw on 3/1: “It has been reported on line that I am making some sort of unadvertised appearance at the March 1 OKC event as we have been getting emails regarding such. This is all news to me and I know of absolutely nothing that is planned. We are spending considerable time and some in kind donations to help promote the WWE event but that’s the extend of it. I do hope to drop by and say hello to friends prior to the event starting but will likely watch the show from home or possibly “in the back.”

The Rock’s Upcoming WWE Return: “Dwayne Johnson reiterated what we have said here for the longest time and that is that he isn’t interested in stepping back in the ring as a wrestler but doing a speaking role and having fun on a wrestling show would be more to his liking. Bottom line, one takes Dwayne any way one can get him as he is a huge star who will pop a TV rating which is the holy grail for wrestling promoters.”

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