John Morrison's Booking Fee, New Talent At FCW, Finaly's Son Wrestling & More

– The Newman Times-Herald is reporting that former WWE star Finlay’s son David is planning to get into pro wrestling once he graduates from high school. David is currently a standout high school wrestler and plans to train in Japan.

– New Jersey independent wrestler Dante Dash has been added to the WWE developmental roster on FCW’s website. You can check out his bio here.

– 80’s musician Stan Bush, who performs the song “The Touch” that was featured in CM Punk’s John Laurinaitis video tribute, tweeted the following about his song being used on RAW:

“@CMPunk Thanks for spinning The Touch on Raw! It’s the tune that never dies! #YouveGotThePower”

“The pro-wrestling world has been pretty kind to me in 2011! First it was @CHIKARApro now it’s @WWE – “The Touch” and wrestling work pretty well together!”

“Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad they played it – even for Johnny Ace!”

– John Morrison is reportedly asking $5,000 to make appearances at indy shows and autograph signings. Morrison has been approached by several top indy promoters and turned down solid offers that were less than $5k.

* VIDEO: JOHN MORRISON Talks About Life After WWE

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