Velvet Sky Interested In "Beautiful" Reunion, Talks Internet's Impact On Wrestling

Velvet Sky indicated in an interview promoting TNA Wrestling’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom that she would be interested in a “Beautiful People” reunification with Angelina Love. When asked by Zoo Today if there will be a reunion, she responds, “You can never say never in wrestling, hint hint TNA creative.

“Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying my run just now as a singles competitor. When we were a group that was one of the best times I’ve had. Angelina and I, and she’ll agree, we’ve just had this amazing chemistry, especially when we were doing promos and talking.

“I feel like we were made for that role and Madison Rayne was a great fit to the group when she joined. You know it’s a lot harder for female acts to make an impact in the wrestling world. At the time of the Beautiful People we were confident it would work, but surprised to the extent of its success where we really connected with the fans. You couldn’t have just thrown any two people together to create the Beautiful People. A special bond and on-screen chemistry made it work and so successful.”

Sky was also asked about the impact of the Internet on the professional wrestling industry. She feels it’s fantastic for fan interaction but that wrestling news outlets are damaging. She cites a recent report.

“Aside from the positives from the likes of Twitter and Facebook, the internet in general has had quite a negative effect on the business,” she says.

“Some people report false information on professional wrestling and those in the industry, just so they can have a story. It was reported that the onscreen persona of Karen Jarrett and her negative dialogue of me was what TNA officials thought of me. That is complete and utter bullshit! It is just false. This is just a small example of how the internet can have a negative effect on wrestling and affect my character.”

She continues, “I laugh at it more than anything. It’s just frustrating because I have worked so hard to try and keep a good name for myself in this business. Don’t get me wrong as I said the likes of Twitter and Facebook have also had a positive effect because it has helped tremendously with fan interaction. Before social networking fans could only interact with us through autograph signings and events like that. But now with a click of a button fans can get in touch with us and that’s a great thing for us too.”

The Knockout also discusses the direction of women’s wrestling in TNA, what she looks for in a man, her interests outside of the ring, whether she aspired to be a professional wrestler growing and more. The interview is available here.

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