Ambrose & Foley Continue Twitter Feud, Washington's Message To Henry

— Following Tuesday’s SuperSmackDown LIVE, Mick Foley continued his Twitter feud with WWE developmental wrestler Dean Ambrose, writing: “I had a slight problem at Smackdown, so I took care of it. I didn’t ask WWE to send him home, but I’m glad they did. Sayanora scumbag.”

Ambrose stated earlier on the website that he was sent home from SmackDown, enclosing an image of his flight notice. He wrote, “Looks like they must have been in a hurry to get me outta Virginia tonight.” Ambrose added later, “Fuming in atl airport over a jack n coke. Hey #wwe was it something i said?”

The feud is based on a viral video shot WrestleMania XXVII weekend where Ambrose confronted Foley at the InterContinental Miami hotel. Ambrose has since taken several shots at the Hardcore Legend on Twitter, saying Foley needs to held accountable for “ruining a generation.”

— WWE developmental wrestler Abraham Washington offered Mark Henry his services on last week’s Raw SuperShow. Though Washington did not appear on this week’s show, he continued the angle on Twitter, writing: “If #@TheMarkHenry wants to win the WWE title I advise he give me a call or anyone else in fact who’s looking to be made into a CHAMPION!”

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