Dolph Ziggler Unveils New T-Shirt, Latest Shelly Martinez Video, Ezekiel Jackson

– Dolph Ziggler has a new T-Shirt after recently retiring his pink top. Coming in blue, it reads “Stealing the Show” on the front, with the back stating “And Your Girlfriend.” To view an image of the WWE Superstar modeling the T-Shirt, click here.

– Here is Shelly Martinez’ latest video promoting her appearances on “The Donkey Show” in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is described as a “live variety show, that will soon debut a weekly show on the Las Vegas Strip and a TV show in November. It’s a fast paced, improvisational comedy, action ride, filled with pop culture references, jokes, music, wrestling, magic, women, and a DONKEY.” Visit for more information.

– Ezekiel Jackson promoted WWE during his visit to his native homeland, Guyana, last week.

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