Justin Credible Issues Video Statement Addressing His Recent Arrest

ECW original Justin Credible (P.J. Polaco) released an “Important Message” on Youtube today addressing his recent arrest on charges of third degree forgery and sixth degree larceny:

“This was something stemming from two years ago when my father was in Portugal on vacation and I cashed one of his checks that he told me I could cash. Then, went to check-cashing and he forgot he gave me the authority, then he cancelled it. So, it bounced on the check-cashing place. So, the warrant was out there. I had known about this for two years. I wanted to clear my name and I’m doing well and don’t want any legal s—, I turned myself into the police department on my own. No one was looking for me. Just to have my life straightened out, like I’m told to do in my AA program. So, I paid the cash-checking fee, which was a couple hundred dollars. I was in the police station for 20 minutes and all charges have been dropped.”

Credible, who is trying to get back into the wrestling business, says that he has been sober for six months as of this weekend.

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