TNA Promises To Reveal "#August1Warning" Clue At 250,000 YouTube Views

The official twitter page of TNA Impact Wrestling recently announced that they will reveal a hint as to who is behind the “#August1Warning” teaser video, which has sparked numerous debates on the internet since surfacing on YouTube on Friday evening.

The Impact Wrestling Twitter page promises to reveal a “clue” once the “#August1Warning” teaser-video on their official YouTube channel reaches 250,000 views. The tweet reads:

Do you have a guess who is behind #August1Warning?

@August1Warning promises a clue at 250,000 YouTube views. …

As of approximately 1:30pm E.T., the YouTube video has received just over 121,000 views, leaving 129,000 views to go from now until Friday, August 1st.

Check out the “#August1Warning” video below:

POSSIBLE SPOILER: “#August1Warning” Mystery-Man REVEALED?

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